For those of you who want to escape from disorder and want some privacy in the city

Sa-Bai-Dee Condominium with luxurious and fully equipped rooms that are outstanding in style, decoration and location surrounded by good environment and quietness making you feel relaxed with the sound of the water in the swimming pool decorated as nature and you can truly relax. The central zone has a medium size natural garden for you to sit near the pool decorated in resort style with the rooms in 3 styles namely Natural Green Classic Mix Bali Style, Orange- Old Rose Tropical Mix Bali Style and Earth Tone Brown Oriental Mix Bali Style with all facilities in the room such as air condition, cable TV, water heater, Internet, Swimming pool, laundry shop and security with the key card system and close circuit television to monitor every room with 24 hour security guard.

Moreover, there are also nearby tourist attractions such as Bangsaen beach, Sam Muk Mountain, Loi Island, Marine Animal Museum, and other facilities such as shopping mall, government offices, schools, hospitals, Nong Mon market.

You can fully enjoy the relaxation with the quiet atmosphere and beautiful garden close to the nature. No matter how many times you visit, you can never forget the impression. You happiness will begin only when you come in.

Type A-B Oriental mix Bali style

Single rooms with an area of 30 square meters with twin bed, large closet, dressing table, TV table, desk and bed head table. It is decorated in contemporary Bali Style with large balcony. The bathroom is decorated and designed with ทรายล้าง and wooden style tiles.

Type C-D Tropical mix Bail style

Single rooms with an area of 28 square meters with twin bed, full furniture. The room color is distinct and the tone is suitable for the designed furniture, medium size balcony and contemporary bali Style bathroom making you feel as if you were in the spa all day.

Type E-F Classic mix Bali style

Single rooms with an area of 28 square meters with large double bed and are decorated in contemporary bali style with personal balcony that can be opened for fresh air and sea view outside. The rooms has modern style bathroom decorated naturally giving a great and warm impression and the feeling of relaxation with other standard facilities.

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Room & Rate
Room & Rate
Room & Rate