Room & Rate

Type A-B Oriental mix Bali style

roomspic_01-2Single rooms with an area of 30 square meters with twin bed, large closet, dressing table, TV table, desk and bed head table. It is decorated in contemporary Bali Style with large balcony. The bathroom is decorated and designed with ทรายล้าง and wooden style tiles.

Type C-D Tropical mix Bail style

Single rooms with an area of 28 square meters with twin bed, full furniture. The room color is distinct and the tone is suitable for the designed furniture, medium size balcony and contemporary bali Style bathroom making you feel as if you were in the spa all day.

Type E-F Classic mix Bali style

roomspic_03-2Single rooms with an area of 28 square meters with large double bed and are decorated in contemporary bali style with personal balcony that can be opened for fresh air and sea view outside. The rooms has modern style bathroom decorated naturally giving a great and warm impression and the feeling of relaxation with other standard facilities.